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Elegant Cloud Storage with Fast & Beautiful Interface

Your Files On Cloud

Access Files on everything from desktops to mobile devices.

Security Guaranteed

Your data is fully Encrypted and Secured with Cloudtub. No chance of losing data.

Developer Friendly

API and Files Accessibility for Your App. Making your app work smarter.

Cloud Storage

  • Your Files are stored as Multiple Copies so you dont have to worry about Data loss.
  • We Store your files securely with the help of encryption so that your data is safe and private.

Great for Everyone including Developers and Company!

Just Give it a Try, You will love its Interface ,Flexibility and Features.

Cloud Accessibility

  • Your Files are available wherever you go on any device.
  • Files can also be shared over social media such as Facebook, Twitter.

More Features

Some Extended Features, Beta Support only few of them.

Folder Sharing System

Our App lets you share folders with other accounts.

Security Included

Our app automatically encrypts data you upload and your private information.


Cloudtub let archive all your files and you can download every data at once.


Our App is responsive still Cloudtub Mobile Application is under Construction.


Calendar help by managing your files for specific dates.

Built By Developers, Built For Developers

Cloudtub Allow Flexibility and ease of access for developers.